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My worldwide travels began in 1971. And there are 50+ carousels of slides in my hall closet to prove it. Why hasn't someone made a device that will expeditiously and inexpensively digitize slides?

My first digital camera, a 1997 Sony Mavica, used floppy disks each of which could store up to 40 pictures. It took about 10 seconds for each one to save! Burst shots of birds in flight? Only in your dreams. And it took even longer to upload each image to my 1986 Macintosh Plus computer with its One MB of RAM. 

So slides were the way to go until the year 2000 when I bought my first SLR camera, the Canon EOS 650. Tragically, that one died soon after when my Iceland horse stumbled and the camera went flying off into a stream. No pics of that trip!

With time, effort, and a bit of expense, the quality of my cameras, lenses, photographic skills, and post-processing techniques have improved gradually over the past 20 years. And the year of COVID 19 has given me time to share the results with you.

But, as of the first day of fall, 2020, there are still 40 more destinations to add to this compilation of adventures. So stay tuned.

And finally, for your added pleasure, be aware that my traveling companion, Lois Olive Gray, has documented each of our destinations in an illustrated journal. Each journal is linked to its matching photo gallery. And, in return,  each photo gallery is linked to the corresponding journal.

To keep up to date with new journal and photo entries, click Lois' logo below to subscribe.

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